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In line with the highest standards of care we request a referral from your GP or another specialist where possible. You should ask your GP to address the written or electronic referral for the attention of the Edinburgh Urology Specialists. If you would like to specify one of the team, your GP should indicate this on the letter.


Referrals can be made by:

Completing the online form or emailed to:; Sent by post to either of the addresses on this page or, via SCI Gateway to the Spire Murrayfield Hospital.


Your Consultation

Your consultation will be either at The Edinburgh Clinic, 40 Colinton Road EH10 5BT, or at the Spire Murrayfield Hospital, at either Beechwood House or at the outpatients department within the main hospital.

Your first consultation will be scheduled for 30 minutes and will include any relevant examinations. Any subsequent consultations will be 15 minutes. We will only use appropriate investigations after discussion, and a clear concise explanation. These will usually incur an additional cost.



Our current consultation fees:

  • Initial consultation £240
  • Follow up consultation £168

A list of various surgical procedures guide price can be found on the Spire Hospital website: click here

Please note, for some procedures you will be responsible for any shortfall over and above any benefit your insurance company many contribute towards the procedure.



In addition to your consultation and examination, it will often be necessary to arrange investigations before a recommendation can be made concerning treatment.

These may include the following: Blood Tests, urinalysis, symptom scores, urinary flow rate and ultrasound residual measurement, Radiological Investigations (Ultrasound, CT and MRI), Transrectal ultrasound Guided prostate biopsy, and Urodynamics.



We all undertake the commonly performed urological procedures, such as circumcision, vasectomy, cystoscopy and prostate resection. For more info click here

Within Edinburgh Urology Specialists we are able to provide more complex, state of the art specialist operations such as laser prostatectomy, laparoscopic surgery on the prostate and kidney, and specialist operations for incontinence.


Assessment Forms

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